Medical Assistants at the heart of health care

May 2016

Minutes from NHSMA Board Meeting  

May 5, 2016

Meeting opened at 6:45 pm at Elliot River’s Edge

Attendees:  Frank Favata, Linda Prince,Jennifer Amblo, Dawn Broad,Christine Sprague, Paul Withrow, Brian Stimpson, Liane Tobin, Robin Pestana

Guest: Lisa Withrow Owner of the Palliativity Medical Group

Meeting opened with introductions of all members

Discussion of CMA verse MA

Paul Withrow offered his place of business and offered to chair the Marketing Committee with the agenda to conduct a plan for retention and recruitment into society along with defining what the AAMA’s role should be in helping the NHSMA and our members. Meeting set for May 14th at 7pm.

    Discussion of Genesis new endeavor for placing CMA’s into skilled nursing facilities

Conversation involved pay rate not met to the standard that Frank would consider to be fair, this conversation was placed on back burner until more information is gathered.

    Evaluations of conference

Overall the conference was viewed positively by all attendees, a couple of complaints over food and dessert

    Thank you letter to go out to Alcon with addition of comments of how well the presentation was received.

    Discussed money earned from conference it was not available will discuss at next meeting

    Upcoming events  : Fall conference, and Job Fair/Expo

Two committees were set up due to labor intensive work needed for both will use lists of those that volunteered at conference to add to each committee.

Job fair/Expo - Linda Prince, Liane Tobin, Brian Stimpson

$800.00 room cost

Capacity 150-200 people

Expo- Scrubs, uniforms, Medical equipment, Message, Book, Dietician




Fall Conference - Frank Favata, Dawn Broad

Speakers- Phil (Bed Bugs), Domestic Abuse, NH emergency preparedness, Coder ICD10

    Heidi education in Littleton/Berlin area work with Dawn Broad

    Nationals reimbursement for conference will be revisited at later date

    Exeter to have CEU’s June 11th

Lead children, Advanced care, Pathology

    No refunds will be given for Friday conference will be given credit for next year conference for one day

    PayPal access connect the registrations Dawn and Frank will work on

    Next month meeting to be held at Rivers Edge at 6:45pm on June 14th

    Meeting adjourned at 9:32 pm