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Help us CLIMB to new heights!! 

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Attend our NHSMA Board meeting held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. 

Se our Calendar of Events page to sign up! 


to learn 

about open


within the

NHSMA , both elected and non-elected!

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Visit our FACEBOOK page & LIKE it to keep current with posts and events. Help us spread the word...TELL YOUR FRIENDS! 


to learn 

about the 



within the


1. Join us at our monthly NHSMA Board meetings. Visit the CALENDAR OF EVENTS PAGE for dates and times of upcoming meetings. your voice is important to us and you feedback is welcome! ALL are welcome to the board meetings.. You do not have to be a member of the board to attend. 

2. Become a NHSMA ambassador for your area! Click the star to read how the ambassador program works! 

3. JOIN OUR TEAM!! You can hold an elected or non elected position within the NHSMA to help further the advancement

of Medical Assistants throughout the state! Click the pencil to learn more about these positions!! 

4. Send us your comments and suggestions! Visit our CONTACT US page and share your feedback on how to make this organization stronger. 

5. Recruit your peers!!! Strong membership numbers equals a stronger organization! Tell your fellow MA's about us and encourage them to join and participate! 

6. Attend the events. Conferences and CEU events are great ways to network with other MA's from around New England. Its also a great way to have your voice heard! 

Please note: To become an ambassador or a board member you must be a current member of the AAMA and NHSMA, but non members can still attend board meetings. 

Also note: You do not have to be credentialed by the AAMA to become a member of the AAMA and NHSMA. 

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