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    Linda Prince CMA (AAMA)- President 

    I have been a proud Certified Medical Assistant for 15 years, graduating from Hesser College in 2004.  I sat for my COA – Certified Ophthalmic Assistant - in 2009 and obtained my OCT-C in 2017.  I have volunteered with the NHSMA Board since 2005 and have served the NHSMA in many positions including delegate and officer of the NHSMA Board.  High-lighting the profession of medical assisting to the public and the medical profession is of great importance to all Medical Assistants.  I am working to unite the credentialed medical assistants of New Hampshire and Vermont to advocate for patient safety, scope of practice rights and education of all medical assistants.

    Brian Stimpson Sr- 2018 Vice President, Education Chair 

    I have been a CMA (AAMA) since 2013. I currently work at Concord Family Health Center, and formerly worked at Concentra Urgent Care. Since joining the board in 2016 I have served as the 2018 Vice President, Education Committee Chair Concord Ambassador, Alternate Delegate to 2017 AAMA National Conference, Chairperson of the Membership and Marketing Committee and Vice Chair of the Job Fair Committee. Prior to becoming a medical assistant I worked in home care as operations manager, materiel management and delivery coordination and spent 13 years in the US Army. I currently volunteer at Capital Area CERT team and Medical Reserve Corps and as a server at Concord Friendly Kitchen

    Frank Favata CMA (AAMA): Trustee 2017-2019 

    AAMA Trustee Franky Favata has been practicing as a Certified Medical Assistant since December 2010.  After attending her first New Hampshire State Society of Medical Assistants Spring Conference in 2013, she began her volunteer work with the NHSMA and later the AAMA. Her initial contribution as a volunteer for the NHSMA was organizing a brown bag CEU session at a local hospital. Her first experience with the AAMA was on the Task Force for Test Construction were she excelled as a test writer. In 2015 she was elected to the Vice-President/President Elect officer position for the NHSMA. duties of the NHSMA President as the former NHSMA President resigned as she moved out of state.

    Ms. Favata remained President of the NHSMA up until the 2018 Spring Conference where she moved into her current role of Immediate Past President. As president, Ms. Favata created an Ambassador program that was effective in bringing NHSMA Executive Board Meetings throughout the state along with FREE CEU sessions through partnering with state hospitals.  Also under her term, the NHSMA earned Excel Awards for their 2016 Allied Health Job Fair.  At the 2018 NHSMA Spring Conference, she presented the first ever NHSMA Star Partnership Award to Exeter Hospital where the State Hospital CEU program started thanks to the dedication of current Treasurer Dawn Broad CMA (AAMA). 

    Ms. Favata was voted in as an AAMA Trustee at the 2017 National Conference in Cincinnati, OH. As Trustee, she currently serves as Chair on the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee and is a member of the Social Media Committee and Leadership Development Strategy Team. In Trustee Favata’s first year she served as a member of the Editorial Advisory Committee, Social Media Subcommittee, and the Membership Development Strategy Team. Lastly, Trustee Favata serves as a member of the Endowment.  Trustee Favata’s AAMA representative assignments include Iowa in 2018 and Connecticut and Illinois in 2019.  

    Trustee Favata enjoys outside activities to include hiking, camping, and disc golf, has a passion for fashion, and an adorable cat named Marty!


    Education and Credentials:

    BS in Finance: Boston College Carrol School of Management 1997

    AS in Medical Assisting: Hesser College 2010

    AS Business Administration: Triton Community College 1994

    Dawn Broad CMA (AAMA)- Treasurer

    I arrived in the USA in 1998 from England. I started working part time at Exeter Hospital at the information desk and then decided I wanted closer patient contact and went to Hesser College in Portsmouth earning my my CMA (AAMA) in 2010. My externship was with Atlantic Urology, Exeter and I have happily employed there since. I first became involved with the NHSMA as a general volunteer, then secretary, and currently treasurer and education chair. I strongly

    believe in education and belonging to a professional organization in order to raise the profession of medical assisting to the Gold Standard of the CMA (AAMA) credential. 

    Liane Tobin CMA (AAMA) - Secretary

    My name is Liane Tobin and I have been a practicing Medical Assistant since 2007. My resume includes 3 years at Internal Medicine in Franklin and 6 years at Wound Healing Center for Concord Hospital to now at Riverbend as a Medical Assistant at Riverbend Mental Health in Concord still working for Concord Hospital Medical Group. This practice is a Primary Care practice imbedded in a mental health facility, were we provide medical support and practice to individuals with severe mental health conditions. I also volunteer for the Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) as well as Medical Reserve Core (MRC). I have been serving on the Board for the New Hampshire Society of Medical Assistants since 2016.

    I am married going on seventeen years to the most supportive man I have ever met and have been blessed with helping to raise to wonderful buys that are now married and one is expecting in April. Needless to say this will make me a grandparent.

    My reason for becoming a Medical Assistant is because I wanted to help; I experienced a medical crisis of my own that allowed me to see the best of and the worst that medical care has to offer. I decided that I wanted to make a difference for people in a meaningful way and I could not think of a better fit then becoming a Medical Assistant. We are the first point of contact in the medical setting and we can set the stage for a meaningful and effective visit for both the patient and provider. This is my why and I ask all of the medical assistants out there what is there why?  My hope is that this will remind us that we are here because this is the position we chose and we can do are very best to make all medical interactions a better experience for all.


    Chrisitine Mouolton - Event Planner

    Other contributors: 

    Todd Magee, CMA (AAMA)- Concord Ambassador, Communication Chair 

    Denise Hollen, CMA (AAMA)  - Communication Committee