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Please be aware there is a difference between being certified through the AAMA and being a member of the AAMA /NHSMA.

Certification is the credential awarded through the AAMA based on completion of the initial CMA exam and subsequent CEUs over the years. Your certification number consists of 7 numbers and you will be given a card with your certification information.

Membership is offered through the AAMA for a fee. The fee will enbale you to become a member of the national organization as well as your local state chapter (NHSMA). Membership benefits can include discounts on vendors, conferences, CEU opportunities, and more! You will also get a subscription to the CMA TODAY magazine! When you become a member you will be given a card with  your membership information and the membership number consists of 6 numbers. 

Please note that there are many circumstances where you will need to show or prove membership to be granted the financial discounts mentioned so it is important to submit the right number on the registration forms. Please click on the document below to see an example of the differences between a CERTIFICATION CARD and a MEMBERSHIP CARD. 

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