If you have recently talked to anyone at your doctor's office and have been seen in an office you have more than likely been helped by a Medical Assistant. MAs are knowledgeable and versatile health care workers who can work in both the front office and back. MAs are trained in clinical and administrative duties which makes them extremely valuable to any office. The one problem is most people are not familiar with the title of MEDICAL ASSISTANT! I wish it were more recognizable because most people interact with the MA more than any other healthcare worker, you probably just don't know it. SO.....when you come a cross a Medical Assistant take a moment to appreciate what they are doing to keep things running smooth.

Take a moment to say THANKS!

Disclaimer: I am a Medical Assistant and am NOT seeking the gratitude for myself, I want all those that have gone un- noticed to get the recognition they deserve.

THANK YOU TO ALL MEDICAL ASSISTANTS! You are doing amazing work!

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